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Our story starts back in 2017 when a team of experienced customer service executives founded Nexus Technology with one goal in mind: Provide the best possible outsourcing service on the market. In its core, we are a company specialized in: Sales, Customer Experience, Logistics & Quality Assurance. Here at Nexus Technologies, we recruited right people and created a committed team to optimize your process, lower operating costs and increase your revenue as we firmly believe that you do not have to sacrifice the level of service if you outsource part of your business.


Outsourcing is the future, and we offer you a glimpse of tomorrow as early as today.

We are a trusted partner to leading moving companies from New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. Providing services in English and Spanish while operating from our offices in Belgrade, Serbia.

Treat every customer like they are our only customer.

John H. Patterson

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Mihaila Šolohova 11211 Borča Belgrade
(646) 926 1929

Address: Mihaila Šolohova 11211 Borča Belgrade

Email: | Phone: (646) 926 1929